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Going Forward

It’s difficult to predict where this is headed but our core focus at True North CBD Inc. is to grow on our farm site in 2020 as well as to continue to continue the development of our existing harvesting platform as well as the creation of new harvesters as well as consulting services for other hemp farmers who require the expertise we provide on harvesting hemp.
It’s a problematic crop. There is no established, existing technology to harvest it on an industrial scale. So that’s something we are working on to address.
With Burtt’s engineering know-how and Bell’s agricultural expertise, it’s a sure bet they will meet the growing hemp harvesting requirements of the future.
The team at True North CBD Inc. is rounded out by Darlene Bell, who manages the financials and Laverne Burtt, who is the company’s communications co-ordinator.
The four partners are all experts in their fields with a combined 120 years of experience.
“We have mechanical engineering, agronomy, financial management and communications expertise as well as hands-on hemp farming experience. All of these work hand-in-hand to form a solid team at True North CBD Inc.,” Rob Burtt said.
The hemp and CBD market is in its infancy with the industry only being legal since the fall of 2018 in Canada.
“It’s just opening up. We are continuing our farming operations and we want to expand our harvesting technology because we believe there is a real need for this as the industry continues to expand,” Burtt adds.
Agriculture & Cultivation

As well as growing and harvesting our own hemp, we also harvest for other farmers as well.

Consulting Services
We are agricultural consultants with expertise in the hemp growing and harvesting for other farmers.
Bi-Product Applications

The remainder of the plant can be used in everything from paper products to building materials.

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